Copyright & Contracts

Everyone creates their own work, and many people sample others projects in their own. Some people allow and give permission to use and reference their music, films, photographs etc. Others don’t allow this and this is where Copyright laws get people in trouble.

Many people get themselves into a situation where they sample or steal another person’s work without permission, and the original creator sues. In America, suing people is quite common, it has been an issue for many major artists that we all get inspiration from.

For example, Eminem released a song titled ‘Kill You’ on his album ‘The Marshall Mathers LP’ that was released in 2000, and a composer named Loussier, sued him for damages against his song. Loussier filed a suit that named him the plaintiff of the tune.


(Office, 2016)

If you don’t completely understand the meaning of copyright, it’s best advised to research and completely understand what the meaning is. It can be a bit tricky to comprehend and to be on the wrong side of the law isn’t what you want when creating your own projects.


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