That Big Job Interview

Tips and tricks for a job interview.

(“Top 10 Interview Tips To CRUSH Your Interview”, 2016)

Before you apply for a job, you assess yourself and see whether you’re the right fit for the part. You write up your cover letter and adjust your resume to cater for the requirements that are asked.

 The company, organization or workplace you sent your CV into call you a week later to set up an interview that will hopefully lead to you getting the job.

Throughout an interview, the employer will ask various questions to gather all the information they need about you, so they can see whether you’re fit for the job. They may ask questions about your work ethic, your preferred area of expertise, whether you work well with others, but they may also throw in a few tricky questions that may catch you off guard.

These questions may be off topic, for example “what car do you drive?” or “describe a lemon without using the words sour, fruit, or yellow.” (SAE, 2015)

The best way to go about this is to keep calm and think about the question at hand and then answer to the best of your ability.


(Jones, 2015)


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